Our team works directly with the businesses making waves in the transition to net zero. In our series of blogs we consider the technical challenges, the market opportunities and look at the big issues effecting the journey to net zero and the uptake of low carbon technology. 

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20 September 2022

The Case for Better Insulation

Read time: 2 minutes

As the UK stares into the face of a huge cost-of-living crisis, Priya Sirpal, Green Economy advisor, presents insulation as the key to unlocking long term, sustainable and affordable solutions.

Posted By Priya Sirpal

07 September 2022

What does Truss promise for net zero?

Read time: 4 minutes

Plans to grant households discounts on their energy bills if they limit use at peak times are set to come into force this October.

Posted By Amy House

11 August 2022

Green Economy: Who are we and what’s it all about?

Read time: 5 minutes

Following our launch event, Green Economy director Amy House gives a recap on what Green Economy is all about, who we’re looking to partner with, and what you can expect from us over the coming months.

Posted By Amy House

09 August 2022

Importing Solar from China – Ethically Sourcing Green Tech Materials

Read time:

The UK Foreign Affairs Committee called for a ban on solar panels imported from China’s Xinjiang Province, an area known to use forced labour camps. It’s important to understand the intricacies of your supply chain when importing green tech; business growth must be as ethical as it is sustainable.

Posted By Vicky Wilding

04 August 2022

The growing market for nature-based solutions suppliers

Read time:

The UK needs a skilled workforce able to use natural resources and our existing ecosystem in decarbonisation strategies. Understanding how we can use our natural environment is essential for combatting the climate emergency.

Posted By Sam Hartley

21 July 2022

The Circular Economy, environmental law and the priorities for green tech businesses

Read time: 5 minutes

Post-Brexit changes to waste and recycling targets will impact how businesses use resources in future. Amy House, Director of Green Economy explores the implications.

Posted By Amy House

14 July 2022

What does the Climate Change Committee’s progress report mean for green technologies and services businesses?

Read time: 3 minutes

Following the publication of the Climate Change Committee’s 2022 progress report to Parliament, Sam Hartley, Green Economy business advisor highlights the key findings for businesses providing low carbon solutions.

Posted By Sam Hartley

27 April 2022

Dear digital tech sector, the green economy needs you!

Read time: 5 minutes

We cannot solve the energy and climate crises without new products and services that leverage the power of data, and our digital tech sector has the brainpower to deliver them, says Katherine Burden.

Posted By Katherine Burden

10 March 2022

Plastic Packaging Tax: How you’re affected and how we can help

Read time: 6 minutes

Claire Scott provides an overview of the UK’s new Plastic Packaging Tax, who it affects, and why it’s an opportunity for businesses to boost competitive advantage and reduce their carbon footprint.

Posted By Claire Scott

09 December 2021

Who were the green economy winners at COP26?

Read time: 6 minutes

Katherine Burden breaks down the big announcements from COP26 to highlight the green technologies and services most likely to benefit, and those that needed more attention.

Posted By Katherine Burden

28 October 2021

The essential SME guide to COP26

Read time: 8 minutes

Decisions made at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow will have lasting consequences for SMEs. We explain what will happen and why all businesses should pay attention.

Posted By Amy House

13 October 2021

A call for more green start-ups: Lessons from those who did it

Read time: 10 minutes

Tolu Omideyi makes the case for more people setting up their own business in the green technologies and services sector, drawing on the experiences of three Greater Manchester start-ups.

Posted By Tolu Omideyi