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23 November 2023

What does the Autumn Budget mean for the green sector?

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced his Autumn Budget to the House on 22 November 2023. Here are some of the key takeaways for business and the green sector.

21 November 2023

National Grid unveils tool to improve connection visibility

Developed in conjunction with Octopus Energy, RWE and Severn Trent, the new ClearViewConnect tool will make connection pipelines clearer and faster for customers.

20 November 2023

EU “ecocide” rules will criminalise environmental damage

The European Union has set new rules penalising acts of environmental destruction “comparable to ecocide.”

15 November 2023

65 per cent of industry emissions could be cut by long duration energy storage

Industry is responsible for almost a quarter of global emissions, making it one of the highest emitting industries globally. Long duration battery storage solutions could alleviate 65 per cent of industry emissions, with opportunities for wider application.

13 November 2023

The UK plastic ban – does it go far enough?

On 1 October 2023, a ban on some of the most polluting single-use plastics came into force. Here’s a rundown of what’s covered by the ban.

08 November 2023

How will the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism impact my business?

The EU’s carbon policy aims to set a fair price on carbon emitted during the production of carbon-intensive goods entering the EU. How will this affect your business?

06 November 2023

Corporate net zero targets hit major milestones

Half of the world’s largest corporations are committed to net zero, but a significant credibility gap demands more action.

02 November 2023

UK unveils first solar hospital car park at Eastbourne District General Hospital

3ti has teamed Veolia to deliver a 1,000MWh solar project in a hospital car park.

01 November 2023

Divisions grow ahead of COP28 climate talks

This year’s United Nations summit on climate change is already beleaguered by division, debate and controversy.

16 October 2023

Battery storage needed for the UK’s clean energy sector

Royal Society predicts UK will need 100TWh of grid-scale energy storage in 2050. Their recent report analyses what will be needed to facilitate the UK government’s commitment to have all electricity by 2035 come from low carbon sources.

13 October 2023

AI chatbots helping to identify ‘red flags’ in climate commitments

The world’s first climate target chatbot and a tool that automatically evaluates corporate net zero plans are just two ways AI is being used to hold organisations to account on their climate progress.

11 October 2023

How has the business world responded to the Prime Minister’s Net Zero plans?

Following on from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s net zero conference in which he scrapped a range of plans integral to the UK’s climate policy, we explore how organisations have responded.