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At Green Economy we understand that data is central to good decision making, whether that be at a micro or macro level. This is why research and intelligence have been central in our support for the green technologies and services sector, helping businesses and policy makers understand the scope and size of the sector, in order to seize the opportunities at hand.

  • For businesses we provide bespoke intelligence including market research, consumer trends, sales forecasting, lead generation and competitor analysis, helping businesses to plan strategically, innovate and enter new markets. This insight enables us to work with non-green businesses, helping them to diversify into the sector by expanding their range of products and services. Our focus in on developing competitive businesses, whilst embedding the principles of the circular economy.
  • For policymakers we have provided a complete sector mapping study to understand the local opportunities and barriers to adoption and using this insight to scale the local sector. We've also provided deep dive analysis into specific markets or industries including housing and hydrogen, to understand the niche challenges at play.

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Greater Manchester's Green Economy

Read the latest sector mapping study for green technologies and services businesses in Greater Manchester. 

Identifying and promoting green growth opportunities for local authorities

Councils are already showing high levels of commitment to support the UK’s net zero targets, with over 300 councils having already declared a climate emergency. This report prepared for the Local Government Association explores the ways in which councils can use their powers and influence to attract and stimulate a low carbon business base.

We're passionate about increasing understanding of the businesses at the heart of the transition to net zero. Speak to us to see how we can support your strategic planning.

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Prema Energy Alt.Oil

“Green Economy has provided us with outstanding market intelligence support. They helped us to identify commercial partners that can assist our clients with meeting their net zero objectives. We look forward to growing our revenue and headcount as we integrate these new products into our service offering.”

Will Goldsmith, Commercial Manager, Prema Energy


“Green Economy has played a key role in helping Greater Manchester grow the UK's second largest green technologies and services sector, behind only London and the South East. The team is uniquely placed to support these businesses, understanding the nuances of this vast and evolving sector, whilst also having specialist understanding of the challenges at play at a local level to develop support programmes that turn policy into a reality.”

Mark Atherton, Director of Environment, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

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