Our team works directly with the businesses making waves in the transition to net zero. In our series of blogs we consider the technical challenges, the market opportunities and look at the big issues effecting the journey to net zero and the uptake of low carbon technology. 

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28 October 2021

The essential SME guide to COP26

Read time: 8 minutes

Decisions made at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow will have lasting consequences for SMEs. We explain what will happen and why all businesses should pay attention.

Posted By Amy House

13 October 2021

A call for more green start-ups: Lessons from those who did it

Read time: 10 minutes

Tolu Omideyi makes the case for more people setting up their own business in the green technologies and services sector, drawing on the experiences of three Greater Manchester start-ups.

Posted By Tolu Omideyi

26 August 2021

Why electric vehicle charging is this decade’s big green tech opportunity

Read time: 3 minutes

Electric vehicle charging will be one of the UK’s biggest national infrastructure priorities during the 2020s, opening up new opportunities for companies to move into the market, says Katherine Burden.

Posted By Katherine Burden

27 January 2021

What the EU Trade Deal means for the green economy

Read time: 4 minutes

Green Technologies and Services Advisor Katherine Burden breaks down the key points from the EU Trade Agreement that affect our transition to a greener economy.

Posted By Katherine Burden

14 May 2020

What Build Back Better means for the green economy

Read time: 4 minutes

Political leaders are throwing their weight behind a campaign to ‘Build Back Better’ after COVID-19. Amy House, Director of Green Economy explores what this could mean for the transition to net zero.

Posted By Amy House

25 March 2020

How the digital revolution can power us to zero carbon

Read time: 5 minutes

Amy House, Director of Green Economy shares the thoughts of a panel of innovators who are utilising the power of AI and data to cut carbon emissions and achieve their green objectives.

Posted By Amy House