Our team works directly with the businesses making waves in the transition to net zero. In our series of blogs we consider the technical challenges, the market opportunities and look at the big issues effecting the journey to net zero and the uptake of low carbon technology. 

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21 February 2023

How to save energy: heating

Read time: 2 minutes

Effective tips and recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of heating in your building.

Posted By Alasdair Dalzel-Job

15 February 2023

Switching to renewable electricity

Read time: 5 minutes

Carl Hirst breaks down the nitty gritty of renewable electricity tariffs, including what to look out for, the right questions to ask your supplier and how to report it in your carbon footprint.

Posted By Carl Hirst MBA

07 February 2023

Understanding the new Green Claims Code

Read time: 2 minutes

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has outlined six key points to check environmental claims as part of a new Green Claims Code.

Posted By Vicky Wilding

01 February 2023

How to save energy: preparation

Read time: 4 minutes

Three fundamental steps every business should take to put the groundwork in place for successful energy saving initiatives in the workplace.

Posted By Alasdair Dalzel-Job

26 January 2023

UK falls behind in green growth – at the detriment of green tech businesses

Read time: 2 minutes

According to the CBI, the UK stands to lose £4.3bn by 2030 as European markets respond better to the opportunities presented by the transition to net zero. Amy House, Director of Green Economy urges decision makers to help reverse this worrying trend.

Posted By Amy House

19 January 2023

A business guide to ‘Scope 3’ emissions

Read time: 6 minutes

What is meant by ‘Scope 3’ greenhouse gas emissions, why they are important and how can businesses begin to measure them as part of their carbon footprint?

Posted By Green Economy

10 January 2023

Affordable wins – green tech solutions to save your business energy this winter

Read time: 3 minutes

The cost of doing business means that any opportunity to retain cashflow is a priority this winter. Vicky Wilding, senior business advisor, explores some affordable green tech solutions you can implement today.

Posted By Vicky Wilding

06 December 2022

What UK businesses can expect from on-site power generation

Read time: 2 minutes

An increasing number of UK businesses are exploring on-site renewable energy generation as a solution to energy bill hikes. Green Economy Advisor Ashley Hulme explores how effective on-site energy is, and whether it’s a solution your business would benefit from.

Posted By Ashley Hulme

09 November 2022

Green policy ideas for the new PM

Read time: 4 minutes

With Rishi Sunak taking on his new role as Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, Amy House, Director of Green Economy, explores the climate policies most needed, to deliver net zero.

Posted By Amy House

03 November 2022

What is green hushing and how do I avoid it?

Read time: Around 1 minute

You’ve heard of greenwashing, but businesses are increasingly concerned about another challenge – green hushing.

Posted By Vicky Wilding

24 October 2022

Driving change: the evolving electric vehicles market

Read time:

In this blog, Thalia Czarkowska, Green Economy advisor, explores the barriers that are slowing the rollout of new EV technology and the ethics of materials associated with EVs.

Posted By Thalia Czarkowska

27 September 2022

Green highlights from the mini-budget and energy bill support.

Read time: 5 minutes

The new Prime Minister’s first month has seen a host of new policies announced in the shadow of the cost-of-living crisis. Here Amy House, Director of Green Economy rounds up the key announcements impacting your business.

Posted By Amy House