Our team works directly with the businesses making waves in the transition to net zero. In our series of blogs we consider the technical challenges, the market opportunities and look at the big issues effecting the journey to net zero and the uptake of low carbon technology. 

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31 October 2023

Net Zero Key Terms Glossary

Read time: Around 1 minute

Net Zero discourse can often be confusing, unclear, and misleading. It’s important for businesses to understand the key Net Zero terminology and to identify the jargon to avoid accidental greenwashing.

Posted By Green Economy

25 October 2023

5 things you need to know about EV charging

Read time: 2 minutes

Are you looking to introduce EV technology to your business? Here are 5 things you should know about EV charging before you get started.

Posted By Ashley Hulme

23 October 2023

How to create an environmentally aware workforce

Read time: 4 minutes

Rebecca Chedd, one of our expert environmental business advisors, summarises how businesses can effectively engage their staff to instill a resource-efficient culture in the workforce.

Posted By Rebecca Chedd

18 October 2023

How to write an environmental policy

Read time: 3 minutes

An environmental policy is an essential document every business should have in place to communicate their environmental responsibilities. Here are our top tips and examples for getting it right.

Posted By Green Economy

09 October 2023

Five key takeaways from the IEA’s updated Net Zero Roadmap

Read time: 4 minutes

The International Energy Agency (IEA) have updated their Net Zero Roadmap, with rooftop solar and clean energy growth lighting the way for climate progress.

Posted By Green Economy

03 October 2023

Why are unproven climate solutions proving so popular?

Read time: 3 minutes

The UK is funnelling billions into nuclear and carbon capture technologies that are still unproven, so what do they have that cheaper, established climate solutions do not, and what can we learn from this?

Posted By Amy House

06 September 2023

A business guide to carbon footprinting

Read time: 5 minutes

Before you can start your journey to net zero, it is important to understand where you are starting from. This guide explains all you need to know about carbon footprinting and how to measure this in your business.

Posted By Green Economy

09 August 2023

Key greenwashing terms worth knowing

Read time: 2 minutes

With corporate greenwashing becoming increasingly sophisticated, the practice can now be separated into several different forms that all businesses should be aware of.

Posted By Green Economy

07 August 2023

A business guide to carbon offsetting

Read time: 5 minutes

When looking to reduce emissions from your operation, carbon offsetting appears an attractive quick fix. Here we explore how carbon offsetting works, when it can be effective and why it should be the final item on your carbon reduction to-do list.

Posted By Alasdair Dalzel-Job

18 July 2023

Demystifying heat pumps – understanding green tech

Read time: 3 minutes

We hosted a Demystifying Heat Pumps webinar where we discussed the technology with a panel of experts, touching on how they work, the returns on investment, policy restrictions, and audience questions. Here’s what we learned on the day.

Posted By Green Economy

17 July 2023

The ABCs of ESG

Read time: 2 minutes

A business without clear ESG credentials stands to lose its competitive edge in today’s market. We’ve taken a look at the steps your organisation can take to ensure it is making ESG positive decisions.

Posted By Green Economy

13 July 2023

Greenwashing: What it is and how to avoid it

Read time: 4 minutes

Today’s environmental agenda is filled with buzzwords, many of which have no universally agreed definition. Here we explain the principals of ‘corporate greenwash’ and why businesses need to be accurate, clear and transparent when promoting their environmental credentials.

Posted By Rebecca Bowcock