How to save £3m through behaviour change

RBS is rolling out an employee engagement programme that encourages staff to save energy, travel sustainably and reduce waste by organising them into competitive teams.

The bank’s JUMP project was piloted across a range of workplace locations in 2016, including branches, offices and cash centres, and will now be rolled across the whole company in the UK and Ireland.

During the pilot, 1,200 employees logged over 2,500 activities to reduce their environmental impact - leading to a 5 per cent average cut in electricity consumption in pilot locations.

Staff rewards

The programme is operated by sustainability rewards specialist Green Rewards and works by encouraging competition amongst staff teams.

Individual and team achievements are tracked through a digital app, with a leaderboard displaying their performance. Winning teams and individuals are rewarded with retail vouchers each month.

Mike Lynch, sustainable workplace culture manager at RBS, said: “Colleagues can earn points for simple actions like switching off electrical equipment, reporting leaks, travelling sustainably and encouraging others to get involved. 

“RBS is committed to reducing the environmental impact of serving customers and JUMP brings all our target areas together under one cohesive programme.”

Real savings

Several other organisations across the UK have implemented the same programme, including universities and councils. 

RBS expects JUMP to achieve energy savings of £3 million in 2017, for example by staff switching off electrical equipment and better understanding heating and air conditioning systems.


Posted under Carbon Reduction, Energy Efficiency and Financial and Professional Services on 26 April 2017