Free business travel support in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester firms are being urged to take advantage of a free ‘Travel Choices’ service from Transport for Greater Manchester, to help reduce their carbon footprint.
The service is designed to help companies analyse their staff travel needs, develop simple action plans and to find straightforward ways of promoting and encouraging more sustainable commuting and business travel.
Free support
The support is tailored to the size and location of each business. It includes access to dedicated advisors and a range of self-help material and e-learning resources, designed to identify and promote more sustainable travel options.
It covers the use of public transport, cycling, walking, car sharing, car clubs, electric and hybrid vehicles and environmentally friendly working practices.
The advisers can help businesses identify the initiatives, activities and incentives that best suit their needs and provide ongoing advice on implementation.
They also make sure that businesses are aware of the full range of public transport options available in Greater Manchester’s network, and of the latest developments in their local area.
Business benefits
The aim of the free service is to help companies boost their corporate responsibility credentials and reduce the environmental impact of business travel, whilst also unlocking financial savings and boosting productivity and staff wellbeing.
Further details are available on the Travel Choices website and businesses can also find out more by contacting the team by email, at:

Posted under Fuel Efficiency and Business Support on 5 August 2013