Our News Library lists all the Green Intelligence articles that ENWORKS has published since September 2009.

New guidance to help businesses measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Government releases greenhouse gas measuring and reduction advice to businesses, and settles on carbon neutral definition with guidelines.

Carbon figures for local areas released

Climate change statistics for each part of the UK, showing an encouraging overall reduction in emission levels, have been published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Britain to produce world’s biggest wind turbine blades

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that it is providing grants to three offshore wind energy companies to develop the world's largest wind turbines and to help the UK meet its 2020 renewable energy target.

Tides to bring green energy to the North West?

A study is being launched by the North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA), in partnership with an energy provider, into the best option for a potential large-scale tidal energy project on the River Mersey.

Anaerobic Digestion to benefit from new Quality Protocol

The Environment Agency and WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) have devised a new Quality Protocol (QP) which will reduce the amount of regulation involved in using digestate, the nutrient-rich by-product of biogas production through Anaerobic Digestion.

Government saves millions with carbon cutting IT strategy

Cabinet Office hails the ‘Greening Government ICT’ strategy published last year as a success after department-wide green IT schemes save at least £7 million.

£6 million investment to strengthen North West construction sector

Salford University’s Centre for Construction Innovation, in partnership with the Universities of Liverpool and Central Lancashire, Urban Vision and the Building Research Establishment, has secured funding to set up the new Construction Knowledge Hub.

Construction industry set for low carbon review

Peter Mandelson announced at the Strategic Forum for Construction that government's Busines Innovation and Skills Department is to commission a review of the construction industry to ensure it is “fit for purpose” for delivering a low carbon future.

Pressure increases on government to incentivise trade waste collection

Local Authorities and the County Surveyors' Society have called for government to change regulations to allow more efficient and cost effective trade waste collection schemes.

Ofgem adapts to take leading role in UK’s low carbon economy

Ofgem restructures creating Ofgem E-Serve which will focus on administration and delivery of environmental and sustainability projects, helping the UK to meet low carbon economy challenge.