Our News Library lists all the Green Intelligence articles that ENWORKS has published since September 2009.

Brits are more environmentally aware at home than at work

A recent survey questioning UK workers on their environmental habits at home and at work reveals a far better attitude towards recycling and energy saving when at home.

Innovative ‘buy one get one free – later’ scheme to tackle waste

One of the UK’s largest supermarket chains has revealed plans to introduce a ‘buy one get one free – later’ scheme to reduce the amount of perishable food which goes to waste.

The financial cost of flooding

Environment Agency research has found that the financial cost of being flooded is 28 times that of being burgled and 4 times more expensive than suffering from a fire.

Recycling label now on 50,000 products

Fifty companies have now signed up to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) on-pack recycling logo which provides standardised information on whether packaging can be recycled.

Environment Agency unveils its 5 year strategy

The Environment Agency’s corporate strategy for 2010-2015 includes helping businesses to comply with environmental standards, alongside plans to clean up rivers, defend against flooding and tackle the causes and consequences of climate change.

Concerns over new REACH list

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published an up-to-date list of all the chemicals registered under the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) Regulations.

Transitional arrangements for DECs come to an end

Large site-based public buildings required to show Display Energy Certificates (DEC) in compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007 will no longer be able to display a year 1 site-based DEC for a collection of buildings such as a campus or multi-building site.

European industrial data now open to the public in new register

The European Commission has launched an online tracker system which provides the public with access to key environmental data from industrial facilities around Europe.

Free resource efficiency fact sheets for North West tradesmen

Envirowise has published a new series of seven fact sheets for those involved in the various areas of the construction industry to help with resource efficiency and legislation.

Code for Sustainable Homes seminar

The Centre for Construction Innovation North West (CCINW) is hosting a twilight seminar on 26th November to overview the Code for Sustainable Homes and its latest regulatory requirements.