Our News Library lists all the Green Intelligence articles that ENWORKS has published since September 2009.

£56k green boost for precision components firm

An Oldham manufacturer is set to save more than £56,000 a year after installing an extensive rooftop solar panel system and energy efficient equipment at its factory.

Government backs 7 innovative energy efficiency projects

A scheme to increase the number of energy efficient technologies available to industry has backed its first round of projects, from low-grade waste heat recovery to innovative new boiler systems.

Local companies partner up for energy savings

Manchester consultancy Holt Energy has helped Springhill Hospice in Rochdale to slash its energy bills after the two were paired up through Greater Manchester’s GC Business Growth Hub.

Most SMEs encourage green action from staff

A poll of 900 SMEs in the UK and Ireland shows that most are keen to improve their environmental impact, with around 8 in 10 separating waste for recycling and encouraging staff to be greener.

‘Right to repair’ to be enshrined in EU law

With growing public support for better-designed, longer-lasting products, the EU is taking steps to force manufacturers to make many everyday products more durable and repairable.

Investment in plastic alternatives continues to rise

The Guardian and Ribena are the latest household names to take action on plastic waste, while the government has unveiled a new £6 million scheme for companies with innovative solutions.

What could No Deal mean for green business?

With the government’s Brexit plans caught in a state of flux, concerns are mounting about the possible environmental impacts of a no deal Brexit.

Lush opens plastic-free store in Manchester

Following successful trials in Milan and Berlin, ethical cosmetics retailer Lush has opened a ‘naked’ plastic-free store in Manchester which makes use of innovative materials and AI technology.

Stockport energy specialist to electrify MotoE racing

Stockport-based KAST Energy has joined forces with electric motorbike team Duffy Motorsport to bring on-site renewable energy powered racing to the Isle of Man and Europe’s MotoE championship.

Waste crime reaching ‘crisis point’

A Manchester man has been jailed for illegally dumping 100 tonnes of waste in a school car park, shortly after new research identified Liverpool and Manchester as two of the worst cities for fly-tipping.