Our News Library lists all the Green Intelligence articles that ENWORKS has published since September 2009.

Green highlights from 2018 Spring Statement

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Spring Statement saw the launch of two major environmental consultations to explore tax measures on plastics and cleaner vans.

How much plastic is actually being recycled?

Research shows that the recycling industry is overestimating how much plastic packaging waste actually gets recycled, suggesting that businesses are not performing as well as they think.

Carpet maker saves £14k with light and heat upgrades

With the help of local grant funding, Newhey Carpets Ltd in Rochdale has slashed its building overheads by upgrading old heating and lighting systems to modern, efficient alternatives.

And finally… a rolling wheel gathers no moss?

Vehicles of the future could actually help to reduce pollution rather than add to it after Goodyear Tyres unveiled a new concept tyre that contains moss to clean the air while in motion.

Record-breaking microplastic pollution in Manchester rivers

Researchers from the University of Manchester have revealed that we may be vastly underestimating the amount of microplastic pollution in rivers and seas from industrial processes and sewage.

Follow Andy Burnham’s Green Summit LIVE

The Greater Manchester mayor’s long-awaited Green Summit is being streamed live today (21 March) - here’s how to watch it.

Greater Manchester launches £15m green energy fund

Greater Manchester has launched an EU-backed loan scheme to help property and infrastructure developers incorporate renewable energy into their projects.

Man City runners up for greenest sports club

Manchester City FC may be used to winning titles, but they were beaten into second place in the race for best sustainability in sport at a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament this month.

Energy saving tech list updated

The government has updated the list of energy saving technologies that qualify for enhanced capital allowance tax benefits, which covers everything from lighting to boiler equipment.

Watch out for non-commodity costs in your energy bill

Network costs on energy bills are consistently rising year-on-year but businesses can mitigate these costs by being more flexible, which can be even more effective than cutting total energy use.