Our News Library lists all the Green Intelligence articles that ENWORKS has published since September 2009.

Walkers unveils recycling-by-post scheme

Walkers is using the post to deliver a nationwide recycling scheme for crisp packets following criticism from campaigners over the impact of its packaging.

University campus to transform into green ‘Living Lab’

The University of Salford is planning to create a ‘Living Laboratory’ for urban green technologies such as green roofs and walls to help Greater Manchester adapt to the future impacts of climate change.

Green business highlights from the party conference season

With the party conference season over, Green Intelligence sums up the green announcements from the Conservative Party and Labour.

Paper straw manufacturer ‘making a change’

In the wake of the global plastic pollution crisis, a Manchester manufacturer has become the first factory to make paper straws in the UK for decades.

Salford energy management firm on growth journey

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) specialist Open Control Solutions has teamed up with expert advisors to refine its operations, increase client engagement and secure new sales.

We have our ‘final warning’ - so what can businesses do?

The latest assessment of the climate change crisis from the world’s leading scientists made headlines around the world, and business have a crucial role to play in the global response.

Green GB Week 2018 kicks off

The country’s first Green GB Week runs from 15-19 October - here are the things to look out for so far.

Ten steps to reducing your emissions

To celebrate Green GB Week, the government has shared a list of ten useful resources to help businesses reduce their emissions and help to tackle climate change.

Electric vehicle grants extended but cut back

The government’s Plug-In Car grant has been extended into the 2020s to support the next 35,000 electric vehicle purchases, but older plug-in hybrid models are no longer eligible.

Liverpool facing ‘illegal’ air until 2026 without action

Liverpool is one of eight councils in England found to have much worse air quality than previously thought, adding more pressure on the government to take robust action on air pollution.