Our News Library lists all the Green Intelligence articles that ENWORKS has published since September 2009.

If you use biomass, why not use steam?

A UK manufacturer of steam management systems is urging companies that use biomass boilers not miss out on their potential to produce steam for generating power as well as heat.

Demand for green packaging on the rise

With the packaging industry preparing for a future of tighter regulations and taxes, a leading supplier of eco-friendly packaging has revealed that customer orders reached record levels last year.

Cleaner lorries will get a tax cut from 2019

From February 2019 lorries meeting the latest Euro 6 emissions standard will get a 10 per cent cut on the HGV levy, while those that do not will face a 20 per cent hike.

Which cities have proposed the strongest clean air measures?

A group of 23 councils across England - including seven in Greater Manchester - have submitted their first official plans to cut air pollution following a High Court order last year.

UK could go ‘over and above’ EU recycling targets

The UK has announced its support for the EU’s forthcoming circular economy package, which will mandate higher recycling targets, and will explore ‘even more ambitious targets’ post-Brexit.

Andy Burnham: low carbon transport is ‘vital’

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham highlighted the city region’s ‘bold ambitions’ for greener travel at a conference to discuss the future of transport in the North.

Here’s a great idea to takeaway

Online fast food network Just Eat is offering discounts on electric scooters and green energy to its 28,500 restaurants as part of a drive to support innovation across the food delivery industry.

Unilever makes PET plastic breakthrough

Consumer goods giant Unilever has unveiled a pioneering process that it wants to share with other companies to enable ‘infinite’ recycling of PET plastic into virgin quality raw material.

Can you help balance our electricity network?

Electricity North West is asking businesses in parts of Cumbria, Manchester and Lancashire to generate more power or reduce energy usage at certain times in return for a cash reward.

UK’s biggest ‘solar canopy’ underway in Crewe

Luxury carmaker Bentley Motors has begun work to cover 1,300 car park spaces at its UK factory headquarters with enough solar panels to power a quarter of its needs.