UK industry could save £540m with clean tech

Clean energy technologies such as solar, battery storage and energy monitoring solutions could ‘inspire a new industrial revolution’ in intensive manufacturing, according to energy giant Centrica.

Centrica’s research looks specifically at heavy industry sectors such as steel, mining, chemicals, car manufacturing, machinery and food and drink. Together these sectors currently use a quarter of all electricity in the UK.

Clean technologies

The report shows that huge savings and productivity gains could be achieved if industrial companies in these sectors implemented ‘distributed’ clean technologies such as new heating and lighting, solar, combined heat and power (CHP) and battery storage.

Manufacturers could also gain vital insights into inefficient machinery and processes by implementing new energy monitoring technologies.

‘Staggering’ opportunity

If just 50 per cent of businesses adopted these solutions, they would reduce energy costs by £540 million - or five per cent of the sector’s total energy spend of £12 billion. It could also create nearly £14 billion for UK GVA (Gross Value Added) in increased productivity.

Jorge Pikunic, managing director of Centrica Business Solutions, said: “In 2017, the industrial sector used 92 million MWh of energy. As well as being a staggering statistic, I believe this is also a clear signal of the opportunity for industrial organisations to play their part in the changing energy landscape, while also unlocking the potential of energy to ensure the UK’s position in the global marketplace.

“By exploiting the energy technology of the 21st century, the industrial sector can inspire a new revolution and help secure business advantage – a particularly important opportunity for the UK as it adapts to life outside the EU.”

To read the report, click here.


Posted under Energy Efficiency, Automotive, Chemicals, Food and Drink and Other Manufacturing on 3 October 2018