UK-first 100% renewable electricity supply launched

Businesses can now benefit from the UK’s first certified fully renewable electricity supply, launched by supplier SmartestEnergy, which also provides energy labels to grade a company’s progress.

The product is the first 100 per cent renewable electricity supply to be independently certified by the Carbon Trust, giving businesses confidence that they can report zero carbon emissions from their purchased electricity supply.

The launch comes shortly after SmartestEnergy launched the UK’s first Energy Label scheme, which grades companies on their electricity sourcing in an A to G format, similar to energy efficiency labels.

The energy labels specify the source and carbon content of every megawatt of electricity a company buys.

More than 500 companies have been issued with energy labels since the launch, covering 3TWh of power.

Cutting carbon

According to SmartestEnergy, switching to renewable power is the quickest and most cost-effective way for a business to cut its carbon footprint, whilst only adding less than one per cent to the average power bill. 

Robert Groves, chief executive of SmartestEnergy, said: “With so many businesses making public commitments about carbon reduction, we are proud to offer the most transparent renewable electricity supply in the UK market.

We have worked closely with the Carbon Trust to ensure it will meet the strict audit standards that can help businesses to demonstrate their low carbon credentials.”

Raising confidence

More and more energy suppliers are beginning to offer renewable electricity products to help businesses cut their carbon footprint, something which is increasing demanded by customers in supply chains. 

Many of the world’s largest companies are part of the landmark RE100 commitment to switch to a fully renewable energy supply.

Hugh Jones, managing director, advisory, at the Carbon Trust, added: “Organisations are trying to do the right thing but they need to have confidence in the level of assurance available for what they are buying. 

“We are pleased to be working with SmartestEnergy to bring the required level of rigour to the electricity market to allow companies to take more control of their emissions.”

Posted under Carbon Reduction on 25 January 2017