Sheep wool will keep historic Manchester buildings warm

The historic Albert Estate and Canada House in Manchester city centre are to be retrofitted with sheep wool insulation as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fibre glass.

The Albert Estate is a collection of four heritage buildings around Manchester Town Hall, while Canada House is a restored textile warehouse now being used as a multi-use commercial space. 

The buildings were acquired by LJ Real Estate in 2015 and 2016 for restoration, with an emphasis on “go[ing] further than we have to for government standards” on sustainability. 

‘Renewable, safer, friendlier’

Speaking to Manchester Evening News (MEN), Sam Lawson Johnston of LJ Real Estate said that sheep wool insulation would help the buildings to lower their carbon footprint and support local farmers at the same time.

“Sheep wool insulation is entirely renewable, safer to handle and more environmentally friendly than fibre glass insulation”, Sam Lawson Johnston told the MEN. 

“The sheep wool that would have been otherwise discarded has the same insulation performance as manufactured stuff and is a local product meaning it hasn’t travelled far – giving it a lower carbon footprint.”

Water harvesting

The move will also complement other sustainability initiatives already in place, such as a water harvesting system at Canada House.

“[We] don’t like wasting water when we can take it from the sky”, Lawson Johnston added. “We are able to collect rain water and use it to flush WCs throughout the building and make massive water savings.”

Other green initiatives listed on LJ Real Estate’s website include “using 100 per cent green energy” and “providing scooters as a free way of getting to meetings”.


Posted under Carbon Reduction, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency and Effluent Management, Construction and Financial and Professional Services on 8 August 2018