Retailer partners with Manchester firm for renewable mailing bags

Online fashion retailer Pink Boutique has become the first in its sector to use mailing bags made of ‘carbon negative’ sugarcane plastic from Manchester manufacturer Duo UK. 

Packaging manufacturer Duo UK launched the world’s first ‘GreenPE’ mailing bags in 2017 after recognising a “massive global shift” towards sustainable packaging. 

Green plastic

GreenPE is made from 100 per cent sugarcane but can used and recycled in exactly the same way as conventional polyethylene (PE) plastic packaging. 

As the sugarcane grows, it captures CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, meaning the GreenPE mailing bags have a negative carbon footprint overall.

Pink Boutique is the first pure play retailer to use the mailing bags in a bid to help decouple its packaging from finite fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

The company sends thousands of online orders to customers in the UK, Europe and beyond on a daily basis in branded bags.

‘We hope others follow suit’

Alice Hall, owner of Pink Boutique, said: “Having seen the positive environmental impact that the 5p charge for single-use carrier bags has had on the high-street, we were keen to find a mailbag provider that would help us with our goal of using resources sustainably”, said Alice Hall, owner of Pink Boutique.

"We are extremely proud to be working with Duo to become the first pure play fashion retailer to offer our customers a mailing bag made from a renewable source. We hope that other companies quickly follow suit as we come together to tackle this fundamental issue."

According to Duo, 412 million mailing bags are expected to be shipped in the UK in 2018. If these were all made from GreenPE rather than virgin PE, the carbon saving would be equivalent to a plane flying around the world 10,000 times. 


Posted under Material and Packaging Efficiency and Other Manufacturing on 11 July 2018