Region’s wind power a major win for LEGO

The world’s largest wind turbines have been successfully installed in Liverpool Bay, helping toy manufacturer LEGO hit its renewable energy target three years early.

Danish energy company DONG Energy has successfully installed 195m-tall wind turbines in the Burbo Bank Extension wind farm off the coast of Liverpool. 

The huge turbines dwarf the height of Manchester’s 47-storey Beetham Tower – the tallest building in North West England. Each turbine blade is 80m long.

Each 8MW turbine is more than twice as powerful as the existing turbines in the neighbouring Burbo Bank windfarm, which was built a decade ago.

World leader

It is the first time turbines of this size have been used anywhere in the world, cementing the UK’s position as a world leader in offshore wind technology. 

The UK’s total offshore wind capacity is now 5.3GW – enough to power 4.3 million homes.

Claus Bøjle Møller, DONG Energy’s project director of the Burbo Bank extension, said: “By using bigger turbines we are able to bring down the cost of providing clean, renewable energy to homes around the UK.”

Much of the manufacturing takes place on UK shores, with the blades produced on the Isle of Wight, foundation components produced in Teeside, and assembly in Belfast.

Business benefit

The successful installation is particularly good news for LEGO Group, which had invested heavily in this and other wind farms as part of its ambition to balance 100 per cent of its energy use with renewable energy investments.

The total output from LEGO’s investments now exceeds the energy consumed at all the company’s factories, stores and offices globally, meaning it has hit its target three years early.

LEGO Goup is part of RE100, a global group of companies committed to using 100 per cent renewable energy. 

Many businesses can move to 100 per cent renewable energy tariffs with only marginal cost implications.

Posted under General Interest, Climate Change and What it Means to You and Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy on 22 May 2017