Plug-in car and van grants extended

Government grants of up to £8,000 for electric cars and vans have been extended until October 2018 and will be maintained in some form until 2020.

The plug-in grant was introduced in 2011 but was due to expire in its current form in April 2018. The new extension will keep the existing scheme in place until at least October 2018, when it will be reviewed again. 

Up to £4,500 is currently available for 38 different electric and hybrid cars, and up to £8,000 for eligible vans.

Grants are also available for installing charging stations at the workplace. 

‘Not needed indefinitely’

Speaking to Fleet World news, Tom Callow, director of strategy at charging infrastructure firm Chargemaster, said: “While government support for electric vehicles is very welcome, it’s important to note that these grants will not be needed indefinitely. 

“Even on a Total Cost of Ownership basis, plug-in cars are already delivering significant savings for many drivers and fleets, and demand is consistently exceeding supply, with buyers ready to make the switch.”

Tax benefits

Meanwhile, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has published an updated factsheet summarising the tax benefits of low emission vehicles.

The government also recently launched a consultation on plans to lower Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) tax on low emission vans, and is in the process of amending van license rules to help drivers move to heavier electric vans. 


Posted under Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Regulations and Legislation on 13 June 2018