Pharma giant boosts sustainability forum for suppliers

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has partnered with Schneider Electric to provide its suppliers with webinars, case studies and other resources to improve their energy efficiency and environmental performance.

GSK works with around 100,000 suppliers across 190 countries worldwide to develop and manufacture a huge range of consumer products and medicines. 

In 2014, the company launched an online information-sharing platform to help them share best practice. The GSK Supplier Exchange now has more than 700 members, representing 360 of GSK’s biggest suppliers.

Community manager

In a bid to take things further, the pharmaceuticals giant has now appointed energy management firm Schneider Electric to act as a third-party ‘community manager’ for the forum. 

Schneider’s role will be to provide new resources for members, including webinars, case studies, newsletters and Q&A sessions, covering a broad range of energy and sustainability topics.

Matt Wilson, head of environmental sustainability at GSK, said: “GSK recognises that reducing our carbon footprint requires action across our entire value chain.

“We found that many of our suppliers may not be entirely sure where to start when it comes to identifying resource conservation opportunities. We have partnered with Schneider Electric to develop sustainability expertise that will help our suppliers expand their knowledge on sustainability topics and practical solutions.”

Procurement shift

GSK has also launched a third-party oversight programme to ensure their suppliers’ procurement teams can integrate sustainability performance into their buying decisions.

Engaging with suppliers to improve sustainability is now high on the agenda for many of the world’s leading companies.

One recent example is Manufacture 2030, an online platform launched to help manufacturing companies of all sizes share knowledge on waste, water, energy and cost reduction. Founding partners included the likes of Co-op and Mars.

Posted under Chemicals on 4 July 2017