Okay Google, help me go solar!

UK users can now use Google Maps to estimate the savings they could make with solar panels on their rooftop, thanks to a collaboration between Google and energy giant E.ON.

Project Sunroof determines the solar potential of buildings using the 3D mapping technology of Google Maps and Google Earth.

The tool calculates how much sunlight falls on each roof during the year, taking into account the pitch and size of the roof, weather data, the position of the sun in different seasons and the shade of surrounding buildings or trees.

Users simply enter their address or drag the red marker on Google Maps to their rooftop.

European success

The platform was originally launched in Germany in 2017 and has now been rolled out to users in the UK, with Italy next in line for the service.

“Last year, we successfully launched Google’s Project Sunroof in Germany and we’re delighted to bring this exciting new technology to British homeowners too”, said Michael Lewis, chief executive of E.ON.

E.ON and Google are not the first major partnership to launch an online solar calculator – IKEA has previously launched a similar service in collaboration with solar provider Solarcentury.

Subsidy window

Businesses and homeowners interested in installing solar panels have a shrinking window in which they can access subsidy support.

Under current government plans the popular Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, which provides a 20-year subsidy for small solar arrays, is due to expire next year.


Posted under Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy on 13 June 2018