Mayor makes clean air pledge

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has pledged to do his bit to tackle air pollution and is encouraging other organisations to join him as part of the city’s first ‘Clean Air Day’.

Greater Manchester Clean Air Day on 15 June aims to raise awareness of air pollution as one of the region’s most important challenges and encourages people and organisations to pledge to make simple changes which can improve air quality.

Mayor Andy Burnham has promised to leave his car at home and take public transport to work at least once a week and is calling for others to join him in a video posted online.

Collective action

“In parts of Greater Manchester, children walking to school are breathing in air that’s harming their health and thousands of hospital admissions every year are caused by poor air quality”, the mayor said.

“My job takes me all over Greater Manchester and I aim to walk and take public transport where I can. At least one day a week, I’ve pledged to use public transport to get to my office in central Manchester and I hope as many people as possible will make a pledge too.

“If we all take action together, we can clean up the air we breathe and make Greater Manchester a healthier and better place in which to live.”

Regional impact

It is estimated that up to 2,000 people die prematurely in Greater Manchester each year due to air pollution.

Road transport, particularly diesel vehicles, accounts for the majority of the most serious air pollutants. Data shows that Greater Manchester has been in breach of its legal limits every year since 2011.

While air quality is improving, and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and local councils are busy implementing the policies and measures in the city’s Low Emission Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan, it is hoped the Clean Air Day will show that much more can still be done by residents and businesses to address the problem.

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Posted under General Interest and Public / Government / Charity on 6 June 2017