Guide: how to be a good supplier

The Carbon Trust has published a 21-page ‘how to’ guide to help suppliers manage environmental performance to meet ever-increasing demands and requests from customers. 

As pressure mounts on consumer-facing companies to reduce their carbon footprints, attention is turning to supply chains - which are often the largest contributor to a product’s total environmental impact. 

Buying clout

The world’s largest corporations are actively using their buying power to drive down emissions in their supply chains, with household names such as Mars and Walmart launching huge sustainability drives designed to engage suppliers. 

There is now even an international ISO standard for sustainable procurement: ISO 20400.

The trend has been picked up by CDP, an international not-for-profit that measures the environmental performance of thousands of leading multinationals, which began rating companies on supplier engagement last year. 

‘How to’ guide

In many cases, suppliers are being encouraged to look at a wide array of issues from product and packaging design through to more efficient production, transportation and waste reduction. 

To help suppliers meet ever-increasing demands from their customers, the Carbon Trust has published a new guide: How to be a good supplier.

It provides an overview of the drivers for change and advice on how to respond to requests from customers, such as supplier information questionnaires and annual performance updates. 

The guide also offers a step-by-step process for establishing an energy management programme - one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of improving environmental credentials.


Posted under General Interest on 10 January 2018