Greater Manchester traffic lights go green

The UK’s largest traffic signalling upgrade is close to completion, as the last of Greater Manchester’s traffic lights are set to be replaced with energy efficient LEDs.
In partnership with Siemens, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has been working towards a full upgrade of the region’s traffic lighting technology over the last two years.
The project will see 52,000 traffic light bulbs replaced with lower-energy LEDs and it is expected to save over £1 million in total.
Between March 2012 and February this year, the programme reduced the monthly energy consumption of Greater Manchester’s traffic light network by more than 50 per cent, resulting in energy savings of £750,000 and maintenance savings of over £300,000.
The new light bulbs only need to be replaced once every seven years, so the project should save the equivalent of about 30,000 standard bulbs per year.
‘Significant step’
Councillor Andrew Fender, chair of the TfGM committee, said: “This programme is the biggest of its kind in the country and is fantastic news for Greater Manchester. It’s another significant step towards a greener, more energy efficient transport network.
“The new LED lights come with less maintenance and lower running costs, and the money saved can be invested into other important transport projects and services that will keep Greater Manchester moving in the right direction”.
Siemens regional manager, David Marsden, added: “This highly, innovative programme has... demonstrated the proven capabilities of the [LED] technology to save energy and maintenance costs”.
The upgrade is part of a 15 year maintenance contract between TfGM and Siemens.

Posted under Energy Efficiency, Environmental Technologies and Public / Government / Charity on 15 April 2014