Global ‘energy productivity’ group reveals progress


The global EP100 initiative brings together major companies - including two based in Manchester - striving to use less energy per unit of output, with well over £100 million saved to date.

The initiative, launched in 2016 by The Climate Group, currently has 50 members worldwide.

Eight UK-headquartered members include RBS bank, SSE and property firms Landsec, Berkeley Group, Cundall, Foster and Partners, along with Manchester-based property company Bruntwood and manufacturer Armstrong Fluid Technology.

Energy productivity

EP100’s first Progress and Insights Report shows how the members are working to increase their energy productivity - the ratio of economic output to energy consumption.

Focusing on energy productivity provides companies with a positive metric with which to measure energy use against business growth. Companies can take different approaches suited to their business model, such as ‘units produced per energy consumed’ or ‘revenue generated per energy consumed’.

Starting simple

To date, the group’s members have improved their energy productivity by an average of 8 per cent and collectively reduced costs by over £100 million. Measures taken are often as simple as switching to LED lighting in offices and factories.

For example, H&M Group has committed to double its energy productivity and invested heavily in energy efficient lighting within its own operations, delivering 11 per cent savings in electricity use in one year. The company has also set an internal target to enroll all of its suppliers and factories into an energy efficiency programme to increase energy productivity along its value chain.

‘Clear business case’

Helen Clarkson, chief executive of The Climate Group, said: Since joining EP100, members have collectively saved over $131 million.

“With many citing a payback period for efficiency improvements of as little as 2-4 years, and generating savings on top, the business case for saving energy is clear.”

EP100 also has two sister initiatives: RE100, a group of companies working towards 100 per cent renewable power; and EV100, a group shifting their fleets to electric vehicles.


Posted under Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency on 7 August 2019