Food industry agrees to halve waste in world-first

The UK’s largest retailers, food producers, manufacturers, hospitality and food service companies have committed to ambitious action to reduce food waste through a world-first roadmap agreement.

The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap encompasses the entire supply chain from field to fork and shows the actions large businesses will take to address food waste, both within their own operators and through their suppliers.

The Roadmap was developed by UK waste and food non-profits WRAP and IGD, and has the support of the UK’s largest food trade bodies.


The first major milestone of the Roadmap falls in September 2019, by which point 50 per cent of the UK’s largest 250 food businesses should be measuring, reporting and acting on food waste. All 250 companies are expected to do so by 2026. 

To make this happen, a wide range of resources have been made available to help businesses act consistently and collaboratively.

‘Huge opportunity for every business’

Food waste currently costs the UK £20 billion annually - equivalent to more than £300 per UK citizen.

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive of IGD, said: “The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap presents a huge opportunity for every business within the UK food and grocery industry to provide reassurance for shoppers. 

“UK shoppers see industry food waste at the top of their priorities and by working together with the total food chain we’re delighted to have secured a world-first, with the UK leading the way in this important area.”

To access the free resources and find out more about the using the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, click here.


Posted under Food and Drink on 3 October 2018