Event: Energy House 2.0 Tours

Individuals are invited to the University of Salford’s ground-breaking Energy House 2.0, which is now complete and will play a leading role in the development of next-generation net zero homes.

The impressive Energy House 2.0 is large enough to hold four full-size houses within its weather-controlled chambers, which can create snow, rain, wind and sun. Temperatures can be set as low as -20°C and high as 40°C, meaning the facility can replicate the environmental conditions experienced by 95 per cent of the world’s population.

It is the largest test and research facility of its kind, capable of helping low carbon innovators to reduce their research and testing phases to a matter of weeks.

The houses built within the chambers will be used to test the latest insulation materials and smart energy products, such as intelligent smart meters and ‘vehicle-to-grid’ (V2G) technology that will connect with electric cars.

The new £16 million facility builds on the University of Salford’s original Energy House, which was built in 2011 and has helped a wide range of companies to test and develop their products.

Book onto a tour

The University is now offering short tours of Energy House 2.0 before it starts to fill up with properties for testing. The hour-long tours will be held four times a day between 16-18 February.

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