Electricity North West sets out £1.8bn net zero plan

Electricity North West, the region’s electricity network operator, has published a five-year plan to lead the North West to net zero by supporting homes and businesses with the transition to clean power.

The business plan, covering the years 2023-2028, will see Electricity North West prepare the network for a rapid transition to a greener, more flexible energy system capable of dealing with significantly higher demand for power.

Huge surge in demand

By 2028, the network will be expected to deal with up to 630,000 electric cars and up to 63,000 electric heat pumps as businesses and homes transition to greener buildings and transport. Uptake will continue to accelerate from there ahead of the North West’s target of reaching net zero emissions by 2040.

The business plan for 2023-2028 therefore needed to show Ofgem how Electricity North West will ensure the network is ready for this surge in demand, while also playing its part in keeping energy bills low.

Key priorities

Having been developed over more than two years of consultation with around 18,000 people, the business plan sets out two main areas of activity on net zero:

  • Ensuring the network it is ready for customers to connect electric vehicles, heat pumps, solar PV, batteries and over low carbon technologies through a ‘flexibility first’ approach where organisations will be able to play a more active role in freeing up capacity on the network when needed.

  • Taking a proactive role in helping customers to take action on net zero through information and support.


Innovation will also play a key role through initiatives such as ‘Smart Street’, which could reduce bills and carbon emissions for 250,000 customers in the region by 2028.

‘Stepping forward as energy experts’

“Everything that we deliver in this plan in inextricably linked to the challenge of reaching net zero,” said Peter Emery, CEO of Electricity North West. “The climate emergency is the greatest challenge of our age and networks are uniquely positioned to enable the transition as we move away from fossil fuels to low carbon electricity to power our homes, businesses, transport and heating.

“We are stepping forward as energy experts with a critical role to play, helping all those living and working in the North West on the journey.”

Electricity North West shares advice and information about net zero through its Go Net Zero webpage.


Posted under General Interest and Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy on 27 January 2022