Businesses asked to support community energy

Businesses across Greater Manchester are being asked to show their support for locally-owned clean energy by signing a new community energy pledge.

Community energy groups from across the conurbation have come together to launch the pledge to rally public support for renewable energy projects that are run for the benefit of the community.

The groups behind the pledge include Bury Community Hydro, Community Energy GM, Greater Manchester Community Renewables, Moss Community Energy and Oldham Community Power.

Businesses who sign the pledge will be kept informed about the progress of the different schemes, and will be given the chance to invest in the projects as they are launched.

Good business

“It's great to see so many projects offering schools and community buildings across Greater Manchester the chance to benefit from generating their own power, and we wanted to give businesses the chance to show their support for these projects”, said Ali Abbas of Greater Manchester Community Renewables.

“Investing in local community energy projects is not only good business from a CSR perspective; these projects also offer a tangible return on investment, while helping to increase the resilience of local energy supply.

“Greater Manchester was the birthplace of the industrial revolution and this is our chance to put it at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.”

‘Road to the future’

David Cullen, of Moss Community Energy, added: “Despite all the government cuts to support for clean energy, lots of Greater Manchester community energy projects are planning to launch in 2016. 

“Rather than competing with each other, we decided to come together on a joint platform to support each other.

“The pledge is a way of saying that, whatever the Government does in the short term, clean energy is the road to the future and our projects will put communities in the driving seat.”

Share offers

Money to fund the different projects will be raised through a series of community share offers, which will be opening over the next few months.

Businesses and members of the public who buy shares in the projects will receive annual interest payments, and any financial surplus made after investors have been paid will be available for initiatives which benefit local communities.

To learn more about community energy or pledge support, click here.

Posted under General Interest, Climate Change and What it Means to You and Energy and Renewables on 7 March 2016