900 North West firms to get intelligent energy service

Energy demand response experts have partnered with Electricity North West to launch a new service that will help larger, energy-intensive organisations to benefit from a more flexible energy system.

The partnership between GridBeyond and Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) will provide around 900 industrial, commercial and public sectors organisations across the North West with enhanced Demand Side Response (DSR) services.

DSR enables energy-intensive firms with large amounts of flexible energy consumption or storage to earn revenue by shifting or reducing their energy use at peak times, thereby helping the grid to balance supply and demand more efficiently. The practice is a core feature of the energy grid’s ‘smart revolution’.

‘Participative electricity system’

In a statement, GridBeyond said that its partnership with the regional electricity network operator would provide peace of mind for customers with concerns about possible interruptions to their processes. Electricity North West will manage site power infrastructure while GridBeyond’s engineers and machine learning platform will ensure that parameters are set to guarantee no interruption to operations.

Wayne Muncaster, UK managing director at GridBeyond, said: “Our partnership with Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) illustrates our collective vision for transforming large energy consumers into smarter, more active participants in the energy market.

“The more businesses we can work with to deliver these enhanced energy services, the closer we are to a truly innovative and participative electricity system, providing value to the industrial, commercial and public sector businesses customers and improving the security of electricity supply nationally to all.”

From large to small

Although DSR services are currently targeted at large businesses and energy users, similar services will eventually become available to smaller companies in future. Energy supplier EDF has already teamed up with Salford-based specialist Upside Energy to make this a reality.

Posted under Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy and Energy and Renewables on 9 January 2019